Coach Ian Mahoney shooting
Coach Ian Mahoney
Coach Ian Mahoney shooting

Ian Mahoney, aka ‘The Shot Mechanic’ has been entrenched within the Chicago basketball community for over 30 years. During this time, Ian has played with, against and instructed some of Chicago’s premiere basketball athletes, ranging from 1st grade to NBA pros. The Shot Mechanic aims to improve all basketball players serious about honing their skills, and taking their game to the next level.


To provide exceptional instruction of the art of shooting.






The Shot Mechanic Packages

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Professional Rates:

$250 per hour


  • “Ian Mahoney is what today’s game is missing a great shooter! He teaches the mechanics on how to become a great shooter. He has been working with my son and his shot has improved immensely in such a short period. I would recommend Ian to anyone who wants to improve his/her shot, he’s hands on and always teaching. When you’re ready to become a great jump shooter contact the SHOT MECHANIC!!”

    -Ty Bullock

  • “Ian has made a lasting impact on my eleven-year-old son’s jump shot and overall understanding of the game. His knowledge of shooting mechanics is remarkable, but more important he knows how to customize his teaching based on the student. My son has said on several occasions, “Dad, I want to shoot like Coach Ian.””

    -James Smith

  • “Coach Mahoney and I have developed a great relationship over the years. He loves working with guys that take the game of basketball seriously and put the time in for it. If you’re dedicated, he makes it his mission to see you succeed. He always said, less than a week after our regular season ended, that a new one was beginning. Throughout the off season, he had me in the gym day and night, working on my craft and teaching me the essential principles to become the best I can be on and off the court. No matter what level you want to play at, he always preaches the importance of continuing to master the basics everyday. The first thing he would have me do in the gym at six am over the summer would be form shooting and footwork. Coach Mahoney taught me these skills and much more as the building blocks to develop the one thing every shooter needs, confidence.”

    -Caleb Hill

  • “Coach Ian Mahoney is a true testament to what the terms teacher, mentor, and “gym rat” is all about. He is an excellent “skill development” coach who has a “passion for making players better.” I have seen him work with countless players helping them with their technique in shooting. He uses precise instruction with great fundamental coaching, to enhance their balance, form, and release to perfection. He has worked with NBA, college, high school, and grammar school players, and his teaching has made an impact on the lives of so many players. I would highly recommend any individual who wants to become a better shooter to visit the “shot mechanic”. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”

    -Troy Caldwell

  • “Born and raised in North side of Chicago, I played basketball in my backyard since I was five. My entire life I always had a consistent jump shot, however it did not have the correct mechanics. Since working with The Shot Mechanic since 2010, I’ve been working hard to earn my ten days Chicago Bulls contract. I owe all of this success to Ian Mahoney, and look forward to continue to work with him until the day I retire from the game. #stephcurryofEBC #handinthecookiejar #thisiswhyweplay”

    -Sharbel Shamoon

  • “Coach Mahoney is the best when it comes to working with players to improve their shooting mechanics. He has an expert’s understanding of the techniques of proper shooting form, and has a critical eye for detecting individual adjustments, major and minor, that will help improve all shooters’ accuracy.  He delivers just the right amount of instruction to players that are manageable and understandable for players of all ages.  Nobody in the gym will out-shoot Coach Mahoney, and he can help raise your players to such a level, if they are interested in improving and getting in the gym to make those improvements.”

    -Ron Ashlaw

  • “Coach Ian has done a dynamic job working with my sons. Andrew and Elijah are freshmen at Kenwood High School in Hyde Park and have been working with him for years. He has provided both Andrew and Elijah with the confidence to shoot the basketball in any game situation. Coach Ian reinforces the basic techniques and forces players to use them, which develops repetition. My sons will work with him as long as he agrees to have them.”

    -Larry Stewart


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